For some people long flights are a terrible experience and some enjoy them incredibly. If you want to travel thousands of miles away from home, long flights may be the only way to reach a destination. Whether you’re dealing with Long transits or darwin airport accommodation , here are 5 tips to make your travel more enjoyable and comfortable.

Pack a traveling pillow and blanket

Long flights can be the worst for your neck and back. You may be swinging your head side to side or back and forth because of the waves of sleep. To avoid this discomfort, you should always carry a travelling pillow and a blanket or a cozy sweater. Some flights might charge you additionally for these or some may not even stock them on flights.

Don’t forget your eye mask and ear plugs

Insomnia can make it even harder to pass the time on long flights. Pack your fluffy and comfortable eye mask to block out the light and make the perfect environment to sleep. Ear plugs are self explanatory. Crying babies and chatty friends are a common thing on flights so don’t forget your ear plugs. Even if you forget them, don’t worry, airlines usually have a pair for you but they might not be on a good quality.

Choose your seat wisely

If you plan on sleeping most of the flight, prefer a seat next to the window so you can lean on it and rest your head to sleep without being disturbed by others next to you waking you up to go to the loo. For more leg space choose the aisle seat to stretch your legs.

Keep your devices charged

Not all flights have a tv screen for each seat or anything to entertain the passengers at all. So keep your devices charged and fill them up with your favourite movies, music and tv shows to pass the time.

Use sleeping aids

The best way to survive a long flight is sleeping through it. Its better to sleep during the flight and get over the time zone difference. Use sleeping pills or soft music with noise cancelling headphones to sleep peacefully. After you fall a sleep, use a tag to indicate the flight attendants to not wake you up for snacks or if you don’t want to miss the snacks, use a tag to indicate the flight attendants to wake you up.

Hope these tips come in handy and make your long and tiring flights easier.