Planning A Themed Vacation

Are you ready to fill up the car with nothing but luggage, snacks, and drinks? It’s time to take a break from the world, pause time, and take a breather because it is vacation time! Not just any vacation…a themed vacation, take the time to plan it out…how about a spa vacation, camping, maybe all things Paris, oh or Disney theme vacation! Whatever vacation theme you decide on there are a couple of steps you need to cover before hitting the road.

1. Choose A Vacation Theme

First things first, you have to pick the theme for your vacation…if not well you can’t really plan anything else out without knowing the theme and where you are going. Pick a vacation theme that you are going to enjoy, be able to relax, spend time with either your spouse or family.

2. It’s Time To Do Some Research

Once you have picked your vacation theme (lets say your theme is Disneyland with the family) you now need to search for all there is to do at Disneyland, ticket prices, flight prices. If your driving do you want to drive your car or get a rental, hotels/prices, are there any specialty deals for when your planning to stay. Also, check the weather, so you know what clothes to pack, restaurants nearby, and even the average gas prices. You want to make sure you have done all your research so you know about how much you will be spending.

3. Schedule When You Want To Take Your Vacation

Whether it is spring break, fall break, or summer break you need to make sure the days the children are out of school, you can also take off on these exact days to go on vacation.

4. Book Your Hotel

Check the prices for all the surrounding hotels in the area, and once you have decided on a hotel, it is time to book the days you plan on staying.

5. Book Your Flight Or Get A Rental Car

If you plan on flying, you should check the ticket prices per person, book your flight, and make sure you know the planes departure time.

If you are planning on getting a rental car, you need to book the days you are going to have the car or even if your driving your own car make sure to pack money for gas and have enough food/drinks/snacks to last you till you get to your vacation area.

6. Create An Itinerary

Depending on how long you are going to be on vacation, you should have each day there planned ahead of time. Whoever will be going along on this vacation with you sit down, create an itinerary, and talk about what you all want to do:

  • What time should alarm clocks be set for?
  • Where and what time are you going to grab breakfast?
  • What theme parks are you going to that morning?
  • Where and what time to meet up for lunch?
  • Are you going back to the hotel for a bit to relax or take a nap?
  • What theme parks are you going to that afternoon?
  • Where and what time for dinner?
  • Back at the hotel by what time?

This may seem like a lot of work for a simple vacation, but being prepared and having everything planned early will make things run more smoothly, so you have more time to relax and have fun.